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Meet Debra

Debra Jordan Bryan's successful licensing career spans over twenty-five years.  In that time her art has been licensed by hundreds of manufacturers. Her art has appeared on everything from flags to fabric, paper products, musical figurines, gift bags, calendars, popcorn tins and giftware   collections to name a few.

Deb likes to describe her style as “warm, friendly and familiar”. As a result, her work has broad appeal and is a fit for a wide range of customers.  Her clients appreciate her easy, professional style and her ability to adapt her art to their specific needs.  Deb's portfolio has longevity few artists enjoy, with some of her earlier images still generating revenue today.

As a young girl, Deb spent hours doodling on stationery and envelopes, and spent her allowance in card shops. Her family had the privilege of living in Germany during high school, where she graduated from Frankfurt International School. Deb earned a BA in Fine Art at Albion College and continued her education at Kendall School of Design, both in Michigan.  Deb achieved a childhood dream of working for Hallmark as a greeting card artist in 1976. Soon afterwards Deb launched a free-lance career and has enjoyed going to work ever since!  

Deb and family lived in San Diego for 28 years, having recently returned to her roots in suburban Detroit MI. Deb has three boys, ages 32, 30 and 18. A long awaited girl in the family came recently in the form of her first granddaughter! Deb and husband/business partner Steve enjoy time in their Northern Michigan “Lodge” that was once the dining hall of Chippewa Trail Camp. Deb attended this camp from 1965 until its close in 1983. While a counselor, she ran the Lodge as the “dining room hostess”. With a revolving door of people who like to visit this special place, she apparently has this job for the rest of her life.


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